Connectology: What Does Adam Do?

listen-2What is Connectology? It explains how I do what I do. Yes I specialize in Chinese Medicine. Yes I specialize in essential oils. The most important aspect is how.

I use a rare tool called a Connector, which allows for electrical feedback from the body. Learning this feedback was similar to learning a new language. It took a year for me to understand the language, and another year to be fluent.

Now I use the Connector to listen to the body. It is like my own private radio with all of the stations broadcasting from your body. Every station has different information. Signals are stronger and weaker, just like stations. Signals sound different, such as treble and base. Other signals feel different, like AM and FM.

Do you ever wonder what your body is trying to tell you? You are broadcasting all the time, maybe it is time to have someone listen?

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