Father’s Day Tribute Part 1 of 2 (because I have two dads)

When I was seven my father, Herman, took me on a cross-country trip. We began in Atlanta, GA knowing California was our destination. The memories of that trip will always be precious.

The road trip was also a way to say goodbye. He had decided to move to California for awhile. At the time I did not understand why (I was only seven), but it seemed important. I believe he has always done his best to stay in contact, remember birthdays and holidays, and let us see each other as often as possible.

I have often studied his intentions over the last 20 years, and I am often impressed. It is his intentions which shower me with wisdom. Several years ago in the middle of a conversation he told me one of the wisest things I have ever heard. He said he had reached a point in his life where he wanted to be remembered for doing the right thing, not for being right.

A father’s words could not be truer. It is easy to be right. It is hard to do the right thing. I am thankful for my father wanting to share what he has learned from life with me. May we all be blessed with the wisdom of our fathers.

Happy Father’s Day!

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