Why I Do Not Use DoTerra or Young Living

globalvslocalThe first thing I want to say is that quality was not a factor in this decision. Suppliers with poor quality essential oils (EOs) are not worth researching. I developed my own litmus test for knowing the quality of a supplier’s EOs. Young Living and doTerra both passed that test when I performed it.

Several years ago I investigated local suppliers and global suppliers (Young Living, etc). At the time doTerra was not available, but I have since tested and categorized it as global.

Separate from the negative research I found about the founder of Young Living, the price alone made me wonder why people would choose a global provider instead of a local one, especially with all of the posts online supporting local businesses instead of corporate ones.

I purchase most of my oils from Twelve Corners in Franklin, TN, and if I am in a pinch for more variety I order from Nature’s Gift in Madison, TN. The price of these oils, as well as other suppliers in the southeast, averages 20-30% cheaper than the global suppliers.

The other reason I use local suppliers is that I consistently found that aromatherapists did not use global companies. Cost was the main reason, but there are several other reasons which I do not have time to go into here. I will expand on this in the future.

Here is the real question. If you are currently purchasing organic produce from a corporate store, and a local farmers market with the same organic produce opens up with cheaper prices which has the same business hours as the corporate store, what would you do? The answer gets even better when you realize the local farmers market was open first but you didn’t know about it until the corporate store opened up next door. That is what has happened with global vs local essential oils.

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  1. Do you know anything about Alternative Health Products in Spring Hill? Thanks for the information. In fact, Spring Hill has set up a Cash Mob group so we do use local places over global. Thanks for the information.

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