Custom-Made Essential Oil Blend: Part 4


The last post concluded the description of how the blend is made. In this post we will be looking at the application method and meridian sheet.

4. Once again MMT is utilized to obtain this information. Just as in an Acu-Oil session, the practitioner holds the blend in his hand while asking where is the most important place to apply this blend. The practitioner will go through the five elements, then after identifying the element move on to the organ meridian. This is repeated until all of the applicable meridians are identified. Next the practitioner will use MMT to find out how many times to apply the oil per day. This is a recommended minimum. Experience has shown the more times the blend is applied throughout the day the better. All of this information is recorded on the meridian sheet and given to the client with the labeled blend.

I began this blog series wanting to explain the importance and value of  custom-made blends at HHAW. Now that the process of making a blend has been explained, we can explore further.


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