Acu-Oil: A New Term

meridiansTaking a quick break from the custom-made essential oil blends to talk about Acu-Oil. Acu-Oil is a form of needleless acupuncture. It is recorded as far back as the 1500s in one of the most famous materia medica books of China.

Acu-Oil is very similar to traditional acupuncture. Instead of using needles, the practitioner places a specific essential oil on the point needing attention. Expertise is needed to know which oil will have the biggest impact on that point.

At Herbal Health & Wellness, there are 80 oils to choose from. Only a handful will be effective on a point needing attention. By using MMT assessment method, I am able to determine exactly which oil will be the best and the order in which the points need to be addressed.

The oil effects the acu-point within eight seconds of being applied. The oils at Herbal Health & Wellness are applied with a pause between the individual oils. During the pause, I check the point to make sure the essential oil corrected the blockage of that acu-point.

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