MMT Assessment Method

MMT stands for Morphic Meridian Testing.

The definition of morphic is change. Drawing on the science of Rupert Sheldrake, MMT was designed to measure the change that takes place in our morphic fields. The youtube video on my website is of Rupert Sheldrake explaining morphic theory,

The morphic field theory was created by Sheldrake to help explain how an acorn becomes a tree. In the beginning of development, science has not been able to find out how cells know which part of an organism they should become. Some cells develop into the root system, others the stem. His research has shown an electronic hard drive that communicates with DNA.

To compare it to a construction site, DNA has long been explained as the blueprints for an organism. But who is directing construction? Where is the foreman? That is where morphic field theory comes in.

The next part of the assessment, meridian, analyzes the client’s situation using Chinese Medicine Theory. The meridians are the rivers of energy that flow throughout the body. A meridian exists for every major organ in the body, such as heart, lung, etc.

By combining the observation of morphic fields with Chinese Medicine Theory, I am able to offer an extremely insightful assessment method.

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