Morphic Therapy=Therapeutic Change

oilcarafAt Morphic Therapy, I use a custom-made essential oil (EO) blend with every client. An EO is a concentrated liquid aroma compound that contains the essence of the plant it is distilled from.

EOs have a long history of helping the body heal itself of allergies, infections, pain, injuries, disorders, emotional stress, mental stress, and various diseases.

I developed a proprietary system for selecting the perfect oils for your custom-made blend.

I only use pure oils. My current EOs come from The Good Herb Company at Twelve Corners in Franklin, TN.

Custom-Blend: Custom-Blends can be ordered over the phone, by clikcing HERE, or during any session. I have also developed a series of pre-made oil blends. Each bottle is $20 and will last about four to eight weeks. All oil blends are available for purchase by clicking HERE.

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