To Kiss My Betrayer

When Judas approached his master, he betrayed him with a kiss. His master knew of the betrayal and still received the kiss.

JohannesPaul2-portraitWhen Pope John Paul II survived an assassination attempt, this story followed:

Following the shooting, Pope John Paul II asked people to “pray for my brother [Ağca] … whom I have sincerely forgiven.”[8] In 1983, he and Ağca met and spoke privately at the prison where Ağca was being held. Ağca reportedly kissed the Pope’s ring at the conclusion of their visit. The Pope was also in touch with Ağca’s family over the years, meeting his mother in 1987 and his brother a decade later.

Although Ağca had been quoted as saying that “to me [the Pope] was the incarnation of all that is capitalism”, and attempting to murder him, Ağca developed a friendship with the pontiff. In early February 2005, during the Pope’s illness, Ağca sent a letter to the Pope wishing him well.

Every day I will encounter an assassin, and every day I must seek forgiveness with a kiss. I am not a Catholic and do not recognize the Pope’s position, but Pope John Paul’s II Christianity should be an inspiration to us all.

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