In Your Face

When I am hurt by someone, it really feels like they want to rub salt in the wound while smiling and telling me how much they love me.

It reminds me of the gentleman who struggled with anger. One day he finally broke down and asked God for help with his anger. Later that morning he met with his older brother. For some unknown reason, everything the brother said made this man angry.

He was so confused after his brother left. He had never been angry with his brother before.

That afternoon the man met with his younger brother. The same story happened. Now the man was starting to feel like God was ignoring him.

He pleaded to God “I asked for your help to get rid of my anger and I seem to be getting worse. Why?”

In the small silence the man heard God whisper “When you asked for my help, I gave help. I gave you two opportunities to overcome your anger.”

When we ask God for help, we should remember that God will not take the problem away. He will provide opportunities for us to grow and choose Him.

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