The Mob Frenzy

angrymobPublic persecution often involves a mob frenzy.  It starts with just one or two people with a personal vendetta. A mantra is repeated that will be taken up by others with good intentions. Look at the mob frenzy against Christ, only days before He was performing miracles. The yells that came, “crucify him!” are so different than the praises of “God is with us” that were being yelled one week before. Where did this frenzy, this dark excitement come from? What compels someone to take up a mantra they don’t believe in when hearing it yelled from all angles? In high school I took up this mantra with a group of students rallying themselves against our drama teacher. In the moment it all made since, that all of our problems were her fault. By the next day I knew we were in the wrong, and we would have to answer to her. I knew the conversation would be an example of why I hate awkwardness. I knew that I had wronged her and that it was unfounded, mean, and vile. Why did I join in the mantra of one or two people that had a personal vendetta. Sound familiar?

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