Why Do We Avoid Suffering?

sufferingThis week I have found great comfort in the story of King David and Shimei. I was reminded of the story by a friend, and I am very grateful. Read more here: http://michaelhyatt.com/why-leaders-cannot-afford-to-be-easily-offended.html

I have an exercise I go through whenever I am upset with someone. It’s not an easy exercise, but very effective at generating compassion in my heart.

  • Do I want (blank) to apologize for hurting me, or for the opportunity to defend his/her actions?
  • Do I want (blank) to ask forgiveness, or do I pray for him/her to know that because of the log in my eye, it is difficult to see the speck in his/her eye?
  • Do I wish for the person who hurt me or for others to see how hurt I am, or do I attempt to cover it up as God calls me to hide my fasting?

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