Cleaning House

Awhile back when I discovered that my heart space was neglected, I knew exactly what I needed to do.

With immediate energy I decided to clean up the place. Now I know some of you may argue that I am looking at this situation from my head instead of my heart. I would have agreed with you in the beginning, until I realized that I needed to prepare my heart space. So, yes, from an intellectual perspective I decided to prepare my heart space.

The first thing I did was drain the pool. I discovered beautiful blue tile underneath and began scrubbing and rinsing the filth away. Once the pool was clean I knew the only thing I wanted to refill it with was Holy Water.

After the pool was full I took a look at the red clay caked everywhere.  First I installed a drain in the middle of the room and then installed a sprinkler system in the ceilings. I lit a candle which activated the sprinkler system. After all the clay washed away I enjoyed standing in the middle of a beautiful silver laced chamber with an opening in front of me the size of door.

When I look through that door peace surrounds me. It does not mean everything is ok, but I know that everything will be ok and that there is an intelligent plan.  I just needed my soul to pay attention. Now I know that door is the eye of my soul.

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